The full, complete, and comprehensive guide for the Financial Advisor / Insurance Agent to booking 3-5 meetings per WEEK (minimum) through LinkedIn.

What You Get:

After you "Complete My Purchase" you get IMMEDIATE access to The Linkedin EXPERT program, which includes:

  • The complete step-by-step process to maximizing LinkedIn to book at LEAST 3-5 meetings per WEEK. This includes: 
    • 🔥 The 4 ways to use LinkedIn (including which is MOST effective & which I recommend)
    • 🔥 How to identify the right companies to target with a message campaign
    • 🔥 How to STAND OUT on LinkedIn even though the platform is SATURATED with Financial Advisors & Insurance Agents.
    • 🔥 The full message playbook (that you can copy & paste) to send to CONSISTENTLY book new meetings. This includes how many messages to send, when to send them, and how to follow up to book meetings.
    • 🔥 Walkthrough of Sales Navigator searches (you can copy) to find the right people to message, PLUS my ultra-efficient messaging process.
    • 🔥 All things automation on LinkedIn - the top automation companies, why I recommend them, and how to use them.
    • 🔥 Updating your LinkedIn Bio to make yourself irresistible to new prospects
    • 🔥 A fully comprehensive Q&A breakdown of exactly what to say when you get objections or questions
    • 🔥 Step-by-step (and insanely simple) process to use LinkedIn to find referrals with your existing clients
    • And much more.

Who this is for:

✅ Financial Advisor, Financial Representative, Insurance Advisor, Wealth Management Advisor, etc.

✅ You do NOT need Sales Navigator to utilize this program

✅ You do NOT need thousands of connections to utilize thisprogram

✅ You focus on AUM, insurance, or free-based planning

✅ You desire to use LinkedIn to book 3-5 meetings per WEEK.

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