Discover the framework for how advisors & insurance agents are generating inbound leads, getting fully booked calendars, and hitting $25k/mo consistently without working harder.

This is the exact framework that's helped over 100+ advisors grow their business -- all without working more hours.

This framework has helped advisors grow from $10k to $25k/mo, hit $50k months, and double their production


Real Talk: If you’re a Financial Advisor who wants to build a successful, massively profitable business, you know that prospecting is the key.

Yet, despite that, most advisors struggle with getting leads. 

This could mean…

  • 😩 Not getting enough leads (you’re hanging on by a thread)

  • 😩 Not getting good quality leads (your client base feels stuck)

  • 😩 Not getting referrals (constantly cold calling)

  • 😩 Getting objections when you ask for referrals (“I’ll think about it!”)

  • 😩 No inbound leads (if you take time off, everything stops)

Struggling with prospecting can create a LOT of pressure, stress & anxiety. 

If you don’t have a clear strategy for bringing in new clients, you will feel the pressure & stress of “Who am I going to talk to next?!”


After working with HUNDREDS of Advisors, I've learned this secret...

Not having a prospecting system is what keeps you stressed out, overworked, and under producing 😵

🚫 THIS is how we end up with so many advisors that burn out and underperform.

If you’ve experienced any of these, you’re not alone. 

The Good News?

You can eliminate anxiety, grow your revenue and make your business easier than ever with one thing:  

👉  A Prospecting System 

So, what exactly IS a "Prospecting System"?

Simply put, a Prospecting System is a clearly defined game plan for how to get leads & referrals consistently.

Think: Proven templates to get Inbound Leads, Exact messages to send (and when) on LinkedIn to book more meetings, Bulletproof Prospecting Language to get referrals in meetings, Email templates to book Dedicated Prospecting Meetings, etc.

Sounds pretty good, right?

Ready to make your business easier than ever? 

I created a FREE training to share my Proven Framework to get more leads, including the holy grail: Inbound Leads.

This is the exact system that's helped over 100+ advisors grow their business -- all without working more hours.

You don't want to miss this — click below to register! 

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During this FREE training, You'll Discover


Discover How to Stop CHASING Clients & Instead Get Prospectings DYING to Work With You (& Refer You!)


Learn The KEY Factors to Getting Inbound Leads CONSISTENTLY


Discover How A Prospecting System is the Easiest & Fastest Way to Get More Leads & Grow Your Revenue... Without Working More Hours

I Know This Works Because I've Been There....

Scottie's Ratio's for 2019

(Worked 201 days and did $288k of Insurance Premium!)

Scottie's Ratios for 2021

Worked 83 Days (2 Days/weeks) and wrote $315k of Insurance Premium

This free training is for you if...

  • You’re an advisor, focus on insurance, investments, and/or fee-based planning, & build your own client base
  • You want to unlock your Prospecting Strategy and FINALLY see your growth explode
  • You’re 6mo+ in business
  • You want to get to $25k/mo+ ASAP 
  • You struggle getting consistent, new, high quality leads
  • You think “if I could only have the right people on my calendar, my business would be incredible
  • You’re currently generating very few (or none) inbound referrals
  • You sometimes think you’re flying by the seat of your pants and want a more structured, consistent, and repeatable way to bring in new business

The Transformations are flowing in:

Hi, I'm Scottie!

Business Coach & Financial Advisor

Let’s cut the small talk. I’m a multiple 6-figure Financial Advisor and Business Coach who wants you to make a sh*t-load of money.

In 2015, I quit my 6-fig corporate job (thank god!) and became a Financial Advisor, and in a few short years had helped hundreds of clients, and built up a multiple 6-figure business. After a while, I realized that my way of doing things was… different. And insanely effective. 

Since then, I’ve helped other Financial Advisors (like you) scale your business, grow your revenue, and hit that dreamy, sexy $300k mark and beyond without working more hours.

The cool thing? I'm ALSO an advisor. So I know what it takes to be successful in this career.

My motto: #WorkLessMakeMore. By unlocking my own mindset, I went from $26k in 2016 (working 7 days/week) to $490k+ in 2022 (working 2-3 days per week AND having wayyy more fun).

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know this works?

I know this works because I’ve seen it happen. Not only with my clients, but I’ve done this process myself. In 2021, I didn’t actively prospect in any meeting (at all), and I worked 2 days a week. And in that year, I wrote $315k of premium. Since then, I’ve hand-held over 100+ advisors scale their businesses, grow their revenue, and fall back in love with being an advisor.

What if I don’t have the time to implement these ideas?

As a business owner, bringing in new business is (or should be) your #1 top priority. If you’re not focused on bringing in high quality new leads, then you don’t have a steady flow of revenue. So if you think you “don’t have the time” – I would encourage you to look at your calendar and ask yourself: Where am I spending my time? Chances are there’s room to cut some things out and prioritize this training!

Does this training actually give me inbound leads?

No. This is not one of those “I’ll feed you leads” pitches that we advisors are hit up with all the time (which I think we all know are crap). This training is me teaching you how to fish. I want you to learn the foundational strategies to becoming a prospecting master so you can go out there and build the business of your dreams.

I’m not a financial advisor, is this training for me?

Although this training is specifically for advisors, the lessons that we will go over will absolutely be relevant for coaches, realtors, mortgage brokers, personal trainers, etc. Essentially, anyone that works directly with people on a 1:1 basis, and would like to generate referrals for their business.

Why is this training free?

There is a saying “you value what you pay for” – which I absolutely believe. This training is free for two reasons. 

The first reason – I think what we do as advisors is absolutely life-changing. And if I can help good hearted, loving, compassionate advisors grow their business, I feel like I’ve done my job. 

The second reason – I would love to work with a select few advisors in a deeper capacity through a paid program. But you may (or may not) know me, my teaching style, and might be curious: can he really help me? In addition to learning a TON, this training will also allow help you to determine: is Scottie the real deal? Should I work with him? My hope is that through this free training, you learn & implement something that will change your life. And if/when you’re ready to work deeper, I have paid programs that we can discuss.

Have you ever thought….

  • “If I could just find the right people, I would have an incredible business”
  • “If my calendar was full of great prospects, I just know I would crush it”
  • “It's Monday morning. I know I need to dial to get some FactFinders. But who should I call? Okay, I need to prospect. But with who? Gosh this is so freaking stressful!”
  • “If I could just bring in consistent new referrals each month and build a $25k/month business.. THAT would be incredible!”

If you’ve thought or felt any of these, you’re not alone.

Join the free training and learn how to create a robust, powerful prospecting strategy, NOW!