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When we first started working together, Sydney was writing between $8k - $15k/mo insurance premium. After 3mo, she hit her first $25k/mo (and did it without the burnout or stress!)


"I'm atĀ $200k of production for this year already. Last year I did $135k the ENTIRE YEAR --Ā I'm up 79% YoY and we're only in the first 3 months"


Lauren hit MDRT for the first time, had her BEST YEAR EVER, passed her CFP exam, and hired an incredible staff person all within a year of working together!


"I just checked the reports,Ā I'm up 85% YoY alreadyĀ and my goal is toĀ grow by 150% this year"


In 3 months, Chris transformed his mindset and went from $10k/mo to $40k/mo production! And after only 4 months, he had his biggest month ever of $50k production and 22 lives!!


After 2 months of working together, TJ created a bulletproof prospecting strategy and wrote $36k of production… after only 8 weeks!!! His new goal is $50k/mo!


In a few short months, Esme upleveled her client base, jumped off theĀ hamster wheel, and wrote her biggest case ever ($25k)! Her focus hasĀ even helped her write more production in one MONTH than her entireĀ last quarter!


"I didĀ $40k of production in the first two monthsĀ of this year -- and literally have been the least stressed I've ever been working"


Working together, MaKenna was able to release the rollercoasters of emotions around money & success, hit her goal of 1 star pathfinder, and is more confident than EVER in her business!


After 5 months, Kendra had her BEST MONTH EVER, is up 13% YOY in production, and closed a $35k case that was originally a cold call!

MeetĀ Amanda,Ā Who Booked 13 Meetings from LinkedIn and Opened $35,000 in Only 4 Weeks!!


MeetĀ Matt, Who jumped from $10k - $15k/mo in 3mo AND Increased His AUM!


MeetĀ Nikisha, Who Implemented a PLAN & is Now CRUSHING Her Business!


MeetĀ Robert, Who Implemented a Prospecting System, Hit 60 QSs his FIRST MONTH and now has a goal of $40k+ per month!


Meet Paige, Who TRIPLED Her Premium per Life & Works 1 Day Less / Week!


Check out Sydney, who hit her first $25k month in only 90 days!


Working Harder Does Not Always Equal More Success! Working Smarter Does


Scottie’s Ratio for 2019 

(Worked 201 Days and did $288k of Insurance Premium!) 

Scottie's Ratios for May 2021 to May 2022!

Worked 83 Days (2 Days/week) and wrote $315k of Insurance Premium!

Scottie's last 2 years income

January 2021 - February 2023

FAA Wins

Meet Chris,Ā after only 4 months, he had his biggest month ever of $50k production and 22 lives!!


Meet Brad, who just had his BEST YEAR EVER and a TRIPLE Jump Grid Payout!


Meet Kendra who had her BEST MONTH EVER production wise after 5 months of working together, is up 13% YOY in production, and who has upleveled her mindset and fully released stress and anxiety around money!


Check out Scott, who went ALL IN & Transformed his Mindset around Success!


Meet Esme who did $61k production in Q4 2023!!


Meet MaKenna, who hit her goal of 1 star pathfinder and transformed her way of thinking about money!


Hear From Folks Who Went All In


When I started working with Scottie I had no idea what to expect, I just loved his energy and knew I needed support. In just 2 months of working with him, I launched a business I had been dreaming about!

He helped me address my limiting beliefs around money and gave me the tools to strengthen my mindset. My wife and I started prioritizing what was ultimately important to us and in return we are working with better clients and have increased our overall revenue while lowering unnecessary expenses! 

So much has been accomplished in just 6 months and I am excited for what’s to come working with Scottie! šŸ˜Š


Other coaches don’t have the same clarity and focus that Scottie does. Scottie balances an energy shift approach with real life. In a short time, I have transformed my idea about what it means to be “successful” and have never felt more optimistic about the future. I can’t wait to see what comes next!


Scottie has been a game changer for my overall mindset around money, growth and success. He has helped me think abundantly, rearrange and blow up (in the best and most productive sense!) things in my life that are no longer serving me, and forced to me face some limiting beliefs that I had no idea were blocking my pathway to more happiness in life. 

I am having my best year ever in my practice making more money than ever and I attest that to the work I’ve been doing with Scottie!


Over the years I have had a variety of different coaches who have focused on my business by usually comparing what other people have done or essentially telling me who’s path I should be following. I was introduced to Scottie by a coworker and from our first introduction call, I could tell there was something different about the conversation.

Our coaching has focused on a mindset, process & activities that are not just about my business, they are about my overall life and wellbeing! This has helped increase my mindset, self-talk, abundance, relevance to clients, referability and revenue. There is no doubt that coaching with Scott has made a significant impact in my overall life.


Spending time with Scottie is almost indescribable – he brings light, amazing energy, and absolute value to every conversation we have ever had. His advice has drastically improved my business and I recommend him to anyone looking to improve their life, finances, and/or business.


In my brief time working with Scottie I have seen tremendous growth, not just in my business, but in my personal life. He challenges me in the ways that I need and was looking for, but more than that, is that I feel like I have permission and freedom to do more of the things I love and bring me joy in life.

I’ve also been able to carry these lessons into my personal life outside of business, and maintain my peace there.


I’ve already experienced tremendous progress in both my business and mindset. Not only have I started feeling more comfortable consistently taking time for myself away from my business, I am FINALLY asking for quality prospects and seeing my income per potential client rise accordingly!

Hear what Lee had to say! 

"I just now completed the first lesson, and I can already understand how that benefited me. Great exercise to examine our own psyche, which I had never done. I am more clear now on why I want this.  

My managing partner used to tell me that I need a strong “why” to motivate me. My “why” up until now was to support my family. Your exercise, where you said to let it flow without judgement allowed/enabled me to dig deeper in to things I want that I previously wouldn’t let myself put on paper – perhaps what I would have considered selfish or superficial. I feel much more in tune with myself now.  

The section on eliminating limiting beliefs was very powerful for me. I needed that. I feel like I have been flooded with limiting beliefs. I now feel empowered to recognize, address, and break them down. This I believe has been a significant road block to my growth beyond my comfort zone.  

And lastly, the Money Mindset also was revolutionary for me – having managed a corporation’s money in my previous life, with many zeros in every transaction, that seemed almost fictional to me, in hindsight. Transitioning to now helping individuals manage their own hard earned money, which is very dear to them, suddenly made the concept of money morph into a something different.  

Every dollar is so dear, and matters so much more to individuals, and that made big commissions seem implausible to some extent.   

Also, I think I was stuck on belief that there is a right way to do things and if I don’t know the right way to do things, then I shouldn’t try. Your statement that there is no right or wrong way was very liberating after I dwelled on that – that was the first time I came across that thought.  

This section I now understand expanded my mindset and is very important. Thank you. I am very excited for lesson 2!"

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