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I know what you’re thinking...

I work hard, and money DOES come... but it definitely doesn't feel EFFORTLESS. It feels like a f*cking grind


The reason money doesn't come quickly & easily for you (yet) is because you've come to believe (through society, your parents, other people...) that being overworked and burnt out is the only path to success (it isn't)


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🔥 Learn my simple & powerful 3-Step Money Magnet Method that I used to make $475k in 2022 while working LESS!

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✨ You're self employed (or want to be)
as a coach, personal trainer, financial advisor, real estate professional, sales, network marketing, etc...

✨ You KNOW you can make more money, but are hitting a wall... but you're not sure why

✨ You feel guilty bc you earn enough to "survive" (you can pay your bills, you have a "comfortable" life)... but are struggling to THRIVE with 💰 (having more money than you know what to do with)

✨ You want your "hard work" to finally translate to actual MONEY

✨ You feel stress / anxiety / fear around money... and are actually READY to release these (completely normal, but unhealthy) fears


Your BIG 🍆 MONEY Mentor

Scottie Taylor Jr 

Financial Advisor. Business & Money Coach. Multiple Six Entrepreneur

Scottie is a financial entrepeneur and currently runs two 6-figure businesses.  

In 2015, Scottie quit his 6-figure corporate job (thank god) and since then, he's helped hundreds of students get out of their own way and MAKE MORE 💵. 

Scottie's Motto: #WorkLessMakeMore -- by unlocking his own money mindset, was able to go from $26k in 2016 (working 7 days/week) to $475k+ in 2022 (working 2-3 days per week... and having WAY more fun).

With his finance background + goofy (yet intense) personality, Scottie perfectly blends the intersection of spirituality, money, and success -- in a way that just FEELS good (and you can't help but want to smile).

It's like, big 🍆 money energy + "IDGAF" attitude + a bit of spice + a whole lot of love.