10 Tips to Shift Dense Energy [New Podcast Alert!]

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Hey there!

Welcome back to another episode of the Scottie Taylor Jr, Success + Money + Mindset PODCAST!!

Okay so, when I recorded this episode it was a rainy Monday (Monday’s are my CEO day to create content, be present, and charge up for the week)

And I'll be honest – I've been feeling a bit of dense energy lately -- anyone else feeling the same?

It’s like a heaviness or a dark cloud is over me, it’s hard to see the light or get out of it – and it’s just this feeling of…. BLEH.

As a spiritual entrepreneur, something I’ve become really, really good at is assessing my energy, and shifting as need be.

You may hear things like “calendar management” – but I’m actually really more interested in ENERGY management – 

Because I believe our ENERGY is more important to monitor than our calendar. I can have a PACKED calendar but feel so alive, or I can also have ONE meeting and be drained.

Your ENERGY is your frequency, your vibration, and how you show up in the world.

So, for anyone feeling dense energy lately, I wanted to highlight 10 Tips to help shift your energy! 

These are things I’m actively doing THIS WEEK, so feel free to steal and try them out!

Ready to listen to the episode?

Episode 79 - 10 Tips to Shift Dense Energy



I can’t wait to hear what you think!

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Below are the full 10 tips and any associated links I mentioned in the episode!

Tip #1 - Do a Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) session

If you want to explore RRT, here’s my therapist Denise (​check her out here​) and you can book a 15 minute free consultation here​. Highly, highly recommend!

Tip #2 - Taking Andrea Crowder’s programs Regulate and Wealth Alignment Patterns

You can read more and grab her programs here 

Regulate - https://scottietaylorj--andreacrowder.thrivecart.com/regulate/

WAP - Wealth Alignment Patterns - https://scottietaylorj--andreacrowder.thrivecart.com/wap-wealth-alignment-patterns/

(p.s. I’m an affiliate, but I wouldn’t recommend unless I TRULY believed in them)

Tip #3 - Acupuncture to clear my chi AND also to work on the nerve endings in my jaw

Tip #4 - Getting a massage!

Tip #5 - Extra sleep + no watching TV before bed (only reading on my Kindle)

Tip #6 - Do regular work outs, but ones that feel GOOD 

Tip #7 - 30 minute naps in the middle of the day to recharge -- ​using this YouTube Video ​with my AirPods Max

Tip #8 - Less coffee + more Matcha (to reduce anxiety)

Tip #9 - Blue Butterfly Pea Tea to reduce anxiety (I get mine at a local farmers market) + Detox tea + Digestive Tea

Tip #10 - Regular meditations & shaking my body to stimulate my vagus nerve (the nerve that helps you regulate your nervous system) + JOURNALING!!

I hope this helps :)

DM me anytime you want to chat about any of the above!