Iā€™m going to shift some beliefs for you [New Podcast Drop!]

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Hey there! 

“It’s all mindset”

You hear that a LOT I’m sure, and while maybe you know it’s true on some level….

You might feel like you DO have a pretty good mindset. You’re positive, upbeat, optimistic.

You desire success.

You feel like you deserve success.


Somewhere you’re stuck.

And, knowing that you CAN achieve success but haven’t yet is the most frustrating part.

So, what gives?

Unconscious mind does. Literally (lol).

Here are some things to understand foundationally:

  1. Unconscious mind isn’t logical
  2. Unconscious mind picks up beliefs (or patterns) from life experience that it continues to play out… unconsciously (lol)
  3. You can’t “think” your way into changing your unconscious
  4. Unconscious only does things it believes have some value (it’s not “out to get you”)
  5. Unconscious would rather you be miserable and in a “known” spot, than go into the unknown and potentially be happy
  6. In fact, unconscious isn’t concerned with your happiness at all. It’s only job is survival… and procreation.

Because of all of this, unconscious mind can create a lot of blocks for us on our road to success.

And that’s what sparked this series of podcast episodes where, together, we’ll work through some of the most common belief systems I see – and exactly how to shift them.

So instead of saying “It’s all mindset”, let’s say…

“It’s all unconscious programming you picked up when you were younger that, while it served a purpose at some point in time, it’s holding you back from your next level of success – and therefore we want to shift out of it”

(I think I need to work on my catch-phrase lol)

Ok! Excited yet?

Let’s dig into the latest episode of the Scottie Taylor Jr Success + Money + Mindset Podcast!

Episode 76 - I can’t seem to get ahead financially

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This episode will be for you if you find yourself…

  • Not saving as much money as you’d like
  • Experiencing patterns of debt (where you get debt, pay it off, and then get it again)
  • Are feeling “stuck” and not growing your business or net worth
  • End up making money just to overspend and lose it
  • Are sick and tired of feeling stagnant in your life / business / finances

I can’t wait to hear what you think!

And if there are any beliefs you want me to disrupt in a future episode, let me know on the IG! Shoot me a DM @scottietaylorjr 

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