Belief Shifting Series Part 2: Clear the belief β€œI feel bad saying no to people” [New Podcast Alert!]

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Hey there!

Welcome back to another episode of the Scottie Taylor Jr, Success + Money + Mindset PODCAST!!

Last week, I dropped an episode as part of my Belief Shifting Series – with the intention to help ALL of you out there rewire any funky belief systems that may be holding you back.

And let’s recap.

A belief system is simply a pattern of thinking that, at some point in time, was valuable.

Unconscious mind only adopt beliefs that it believes are valuable (meaning, you’re not going to have a belief system that ONLY hurts you).

However, a lot of times, old belief systems (like, “I have to work hard to be successful” or “if I get to be successful, I’ll lose all my freedom”) keep us stuck in the same pattern of living – and in the same results.

And this is where frustration builds.

We DESIRE change.

But our unconscious mind isn’t on board (yet).

In Part 2 of the Belief Shifting series, we’re tackling the belief system…. I feel bad saying no to people.

For example, let’s say you’re a Financial Advisor and want to start working with people who have more money.

You try setting client minimums….

And then you meet someone who doesn’t meet your criteria, but you still take them on.

You say to yourself: “Ugh, but I really want to help them!”

And now you’re stuck – 

Do you hold your boundary and forsake this person who you CAN help?

Or do you take them on as a client and feel frustrated by your lack of progress?

I go deep into this belief system – and how to shift it – in this episode!

This is TOTALLY for you if you identify as a “people pleaser” or find yourself not wanting to be “selfish”

Ready to go?

Let’s dig into the latest episode of the Scottie Taylor Jr Success + Money + Mindset Podcast!

Episode 77 - I feel bad saying no to people



I can’t wait to hear what you think!

And if there are any beliefs you want me to disrupt in a future episode, let me know on the IG! Shoot me a DM @scottietaylorjr 

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